Why translate your books?

If your message is deep enough to bless the multitude, you should strive to make it teachings or message accessible to them. We are committed to this project and will translate your books into as many languages as we can. For now, we translate from English to French and from French to English.
We only translate books that convey a Christian message; Testimonies, Short Stories, Novel and Non-Fiction (Teaching, Exhortation, etc.).

Our costs

The translation from French to English or from English to French will follow the same cost. We present an evaluation by word and for 500 words (500 words correspond to an A4 average page, normal margins or 2.5 cm, interlines 1.15; spacing, 6pt after paragraphs; 12pt writings size, Times New Roman font).

Pay with Orange Money, MTN Money or via World Remit (Mobile payment)

For easiest and fastest payments, we ask you to pay us by these means. In doing so, the reception is immediate and we can start your work immediately. Send us your text by email at shalomedit2016@gmail.com.

You can pay 60% of the total price before the service and the rest when you are satisfied with the quality of the work done.

  • For your books and web articles, we will translate them at a price that suits you. Our offer after revisions is 0.02 Euros/Word or 10 Euros for 500 words (proof-reading and corrections included). For your information: 0.02 Euros = 13.12 CFA francs and 10 Euros = 6,560 FCFA

Thus, the translation of a Short Story of 10,000 words will cost you 200 Euros or 131,200 FCFA.

See examples

  • You can download our books written in French and their translations in English for appreciations:
Confessions Troublantes de Georges, Faux Prophète Repentant Startling Confessions of Georges, a Repenting False Prophet
Tortures au nom des Morts Kalba, the Young Man Who Resists the Gods
Délires d’Amoureux Love Delusions
Embrouilles des Dieux Amoureux Why I Left Yoga
Provocations Sensuelles Sensual Harassments
La Virilité Menacée Phallus Disputes
L’Illusion des Bains Rituels Ritual Baths Deceptions
Les Dieux Traîtres Treason of the Gods
Egarements Wanderings
Les Esprits Pervers Pervert Spirits
Un Infiltré Surdoué Gifted Infiltrator

Contact us

  • Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty,
  • PO Box 3889 Douala, Cameroon
  • Phones: (+237)693510701(Orange)/(+237)651282007(MTN)
  • Email: shalomedit2016@gmail.com
  • Website: https://tashalomeditions.wordpress.com
  • Call us: 8H00 – 16H00 (GMT + 1)