Presentation of Kalba, the Young Man Who Resists the Gods

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Abuses in the Names of the Deads.

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Kalba, the Young Man Who Resists the Gods is excerpted from the collection of short stories titled Spiritual Embarrassments, recently published at Tâ-Shalom Editions, the books to liberty. For the moment, the collection is available at Amazon only.


After his father’s death, the young man Kalba is chosen to succeed his father as the main priest of the gods of Tsepia. He fights and resists the gods and their human agents with the help of his mother and brother who are not well acquainted with the tricks of the invisible world. To worsen their case, Kalba and his helpers have a thin knowledge only of the Lord Jesus. Will they emerge victoriously?

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book cover: Kalba, the Young Man Who Resists the Gods, a Christian short story

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What is the book about?

Many cultures accept that the deceased parents are still living in the surroundings of the family, even though they can’t be seen. Once a contact is created, the ancestor or the parent would ask the widow and the orphans for services or sacrifices, to help him live a better life in the virtual world.

With the influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, curious events are frequently reported which revel that the pretended dead parents in need of sacrifices might be cheaters disguised with the pictures (in dreams or in apparitions) of the dead parents.

Kalba, the Young Man Who Resists the Gods is a story based on real events. Is the dead still alive in spirit or not? If yes, is he living in spirit near his family or not?

Even though the story doesn’t reply directly to these questions, it helps the reader revise his devotion to ancestors. Suppose you still worship ancestors to this date, this story is to guide you reconsider your implication in the cult. Better late than never.

The story though stunning is tasty, however.


Illustrations: Meli Metino Cedric Gael and Monthe Paul

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The short story is available in French under the title: Tortures au Nom des Dieux.

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