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The Power behind Forgiveness

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Treason of the God is the second story of Spiritual Confusions, Collection of Christian short stories printed at Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty. The publication of the illustrated version of Spiritual Confusions is scheduled on october 1st, 2017.



Shocked by his unexpected dismissal, Mr. Teyanlong refuses to pardon his employers and sinks into depression. He soon multiplies spiritual mistakes and is rapidly trapped by his blaming of others. It is when facing death that he comes back to common sense; too late! The consequences of his refusal to forgive have started flowing. Will he survive?

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What is it all about in this book?

When a man is full of anger, it is very difficult for him to judge himself and to perceive his own responsibility in the event that annoys him. Generally, the angry man accuses or lays blame on others, either by verbal violence or by a silent joke, “I will never speak to you again,” the offended child often says.

Once he is angry, a man usually expects somebody appease him, either the indicted to give reasons of his demeanor, or to apologize, or to be punished by authority or by God, or to die (in extreme cases). Only in Christ are principles different.

According to Jesus, the one getting angry should be the first to repent. According to the Gospel, anger is an abominable sin and every wise man should avoid it in whatever manner, for severe and harsh are its consequences. Christians should avoid anger by all means.

In Treason of the Gods, Teyanlong thinks his anger is justified, so he gives way to sulk the world. He is determined to display his anger even though all his entourage encourages him to forgive those he is charging. But time is going to justify the Gospel; it is at the bottom of the well that he understands the stupidity of his obstinate view. Bothered by the uncertainties and the anguish of his soul, he is forced back to common sense.

Did Teyanlong have to be angry to this point? Did he have the right to refuse forgiveness? Does man have the right to refuse forgiveness? Is human being permitted to postpone forgiveness?

The short story displays a common and frequent demeanor: Sometimes, it is when we are guilty that we chat arrogantly to God and to others. It is sometimes when we think we deserve crown and trophy that we really need chastisement and whip. The one who refuses to forgive is sometimes the one who needs to be pardoned the most.

Uncommon as a story, the book strongly teaches that man should forgive immediately. Doing so is profitable to every spiritual man who has planned to live a peaceful and successful life to the glory of the Master Jesus.


Illustrations: Méli Métino Cédric Gaël et Monthe Paul

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