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Startling Confessions of Georges is excerpted from the collection of short stories titled The Impostors, under press at Tâ-Shalom Editions, the books to liberty. The final version of The Impostors will be available in 2018.


After many years of prophetic ministry accompanied by outstanding healings and miracles, Prophet Georges feels he must repent and sincerely come back to God. As he decides to repent, revelations of his sickening secrets and abominations splash upon the one who was so far viewed as a saint, a man of God, a true friend of Jesus. Obstacles and oppositions are numerous against him. Will he repent at the end?

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What is the book about?

The main question this author try to answer in his book is simple and clear:

Can a false prophet repent and become a child of God just as the disciples of Jesus Christ?

The issue might seem nonsense at first glance, but it becomes tough when you know that the shepherd who pretends to serve God among you is lost. Even when persuaded to lead you in the truth, he is teaching false doctrine and you can prove it. As he commands you at every preaching to obey him, you can’t anymore, just because you have come to discern the spirit behind the man.

The problem is much more complex when the fake prophet seems aware of his rejection of the truth. At times, you just feel he is conscious of preferring his own interests above those of Christ; at times you fell he is conscious of his cupidity or immorality above the worship of Jesus commands. Just feelings?

Far from judging, the short story intends to motivate church stealers to repent, to change their ways, to prefer God’s plans even though divine projects might be opposite to theirs.

How do people become false prophet? What is the process from preaching the truth to preaching fake doctrine? Will God punish false prophet or not? This short story does not answer these questions.

Startling Confessions of Georges, a Repenting False Prophet is a fiction about the false prophet. It put forth God’s mercy towards the wicked; it teaches that God is always willing to welcome every sinner who repents. All resemblance to true facts or events should be regarded as purely coincidental.


Illustrations : Meli Metino Cedric Gael et Monthe Paul

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The short story is available in French under the title: Confessions Troublantes de Georges, Faux Prophète Repentant.

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