Publish your book with Tâ-Shalom Editions

Since October 1st 2017, we are ready to publish Christian books (Short Story, Poetry, Novels, Essays, Teachings, etc.) whose content is respectful of the Word of God.
Defender of the liberty, defender of the truth, we are fully convinced that only the truth expressed and defended in your book will heal, strengthen and inspire all your readers in their daily lives.
If your book is written in French or in English, if you are confident that its content is ready for publication, we suggest your mailing it to: After appreciating it, we will send you a reply within two weeks.

What will we do once your book accepted?

Upon approval,Upon approval,- We will send you a letter and a list of prerequisites before the signing of the contract;- Once we have your answer, we will send you a copy of the contract to be signed;- After signing the contract, we will publish your book in electronic formats (for reading on tablets, phones and computers) and in paper formats;- We will send you copies of the edited formats for your approval before publication;- We will publish your book in digital and paper printed formats on the Internet Marketplaces for books (Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barn & Nobles, Apple, etc.)   ;- After publication, we remain at your disposal to support sales and exchanges with your readers (creation of your website and your pages in social networks, for example).What are the prerequisites before signing the contract?Once your book is approved, it will be convenient for us to agree on:- Correcting your book (whether you handle it or not);- Cover designing (whether handle it or not);- Your preferred paper size: A4, A5, 14.8 x 21 cm;- If you want to include illustrations or not;- If you want to translate your book or not;- If your book will be free or not;- Whether you are interested in creating your website for the promotion of your book or not;- f you have an ISBN and you will take care of the legal deposit or not;- If you grant the exclusive sale of your book to Tâ-Shalom Editions, or if you sell it also in your site.- Etc.For these different questions, we will send you a questionnaire that you will fill easily.Your earnings when we sell your booksIf you sell a book on our site, you receive 75% of the book price.For all sales made on partner sites, you receive 75% of the amount paid by our resellers.An example: for a book of 5 Euros:You will receive 5 x 75% = 3.75 Euros if the book is sold on our site;If the book is sold elsewhere (Amazon, Apple …), the calculation will be done after retention of the delivery costs of the sellers. If the seller retains 30%; the amount paid into our account will be 5 x 70% = 3.5. And it is from 3.5 Euros that we will calculate your earnings. So, you will receive   : 3.5 x 75% = 2.6 Euros.For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:Contact us: Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty, Bonamoussadi, Fin goudron Afrique du Sud. Email: PO Box 3889 Douala, Cameroon Phones: (+237)693510701(Orange)/ (+237)651282007(MTN) Site : https// RCCM: RC/DLA/2016/A/3182 Call us: 8H00 – 16H00 (GMT + 1)