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A Spy among the Brethren


Glorious Life in Christ

Collection from which the story is taken:

Gifted Infiltrator is the fifth story from Spiritual Confusions, Collection of five short stories printed at Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty. The complete collection with illustrations is to be published by October 1st, 2017.


John is trapped and spied up to his church but ignores all about. Only after God deliverance at the brink of his death, will he discover the macabre project of his colleagues.


John is spiritually trapped by his colleagues and works beside them without the slightest suspicion of what they really are. His situation degrades and gets worse to the point he hallucinates and receives help from the Invisible. Not understanding who is willing to rescue him, he makes no case however. After God deliver him from death, he discovers, at the turn of a corridor, what were the intentions of his coworkers.

EBook cover:

book cover: Gifted Infiltrator, Christian short story

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What is it all about in this book?

Throughout generations, faithfulness and treason are always at display between friends, brothers, comrades in high school, coworkers in business,  followers of a deity and even between the followers of the Most-High God. Is faithfulness a quality accessible to every man? Is it a quality only God can display?

The story doesn’t answer these questions directly. But it teaches throughout its narration that God is faithful, even when man is convinced that God has forgotten him.

God is faithful and much more with those who trust in Him. Those who follow the Word of God as disciples will always see God at work in their lives, in whatever terrifying a situation. In Gifted Infiltrator, we see how aggression is coordinated between the workplace, the church, and the neighborhood in order to knock John down; aggressions follow him even at the hospital but are all without effect against him who perseveres in his faith in God.

Gifted Infiltrator holds a very simple teaching: God will give victory to his child who trusts in Him, no matter how long the trial may last; no matter how tough the test may be. All that the disciple has to do is to never get tired of praying and reading the Word of God. Even when nothing seems to improve, never get tired of praying and reading the Word of God.

Even in the valley of darkness, every Christian should keep in mind that His God is faithful. God is faithful indeed. He always keeps his promises. Because God is faithful, tests are intended to strengthen the believer, not to dismantle him or to remove him from the faith, not to make him fear his enemies or fight against them for Christians must not fight against flesh and blood.


Illustrations: Méli Métino Cédric Gaël

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This book in other languages

The short story is available in French under the title: Un Infiltré Surdoué

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  • The author website
  • Link to the collection: Spiritual Confusions
  • Link to the pictures of the short story
  • Link to the excerpt
  • Link to the lessons taught in the short story
  • Link to the citations


  • Copyrights 2016 Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty
  • O. Box: 3889 Douala, Cameroon
  • Mobiles: +237 651 282 007; +237 693 510 701

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