What Tâ-Shalom editions can do for you

From October 1st, 2017, Tâ-Shalom Editions is ready to help you with your writings and publications. For now, we offer you eight (8) services only, but we are working to offer you more. To learn more about each of our offers, please click on the corresponding link (in blue).

1- We welcome your manuscript, accept and publish them in digital and paper formats if they meet our requirements.

2- Correction of your manuscript written in French or in English ;

3- Translation of your Christian books and documents (Short Story, Novel, Essay and other genres) from French to English and from English to French;

4- Illustration of your books and documents (Short Story, Novel, Essay and other genres) with hand-crafted pictures;

5- Creation of your book cover so as to contribute to our visibility on ebook markets such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, Google Play, Bookbaby, etc.;

6- Edition and conversion of your book to epub, Mobi, and PDF with useful bookmarks in each format. Bookmarks are definitely essential if you want your readers to enjoy your writings with easy navigation;

7- Creation of your blog on Canalblog or on WordPress to help you keep contact with your readers ;

8- We offer you a link to Payoneer who offers you for free their MasterCard. Payoneer will help you receive your payments from Amazon and partners wherever you may reside;

For all our offers, with exception of the eighth, we accept you pay the first 60% in advance and the rest when you are fully satisfied.
God Bless You!


Feel free to contact us for more information

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  • Email: shalomedit2016@gmail.com
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  • Phones: (+237)693510701(Orange)/ (+237)651282007(MTN)
  • Website : https//:tashalomeditions.wordpress.com.
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