Wanderings, Christian Short Story

Wanderings, Christian short story


When Dreams and Lies Work Together…

Collection from which the story is excerpted:

Wanderings is the first story of Spiritual Embarrassments, Collection of five short stories edited by Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty.


Despite numerous warnings; Bopda stubbornly believes dreams to instruct his decisions. Before God saves him, he is in the dark for dreams have led him to nowhere.


Mr. Bopda doubts the ability of dreams to guide his life when he is encouraged by Pastor Johanson. Collisions and deceptions are numerous, but he is still persuaded that the guidance of dreams is worthy of interest. Before the truth triumphs over him, Mr. Bopda gropes his way and shaves the walls.

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book cover: Wanderings, a Christian short story

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What is it all about in this book?

From time immemorial, instructions and premonitions received in dreams have directed many lives. Some indeed just think of scrutinizing and deciphering upon awakening, revelations, and warnings received from the afterlife during sleep. According to them, every well-understood dream reveals the advice of the day.

Sometimes it works, but in many cases, the direction of dreams turns into confusion after few months or years, and the man who was haughty because led from ABOVE finds himself groping his way at midday.

Wanderings is rich in its content, pleasant in its reading and strong in its intensity. Inspired by the experiences observed in the churches, the narrative is framed by the truth to help the reader prefer the advice of the Bridegroom at all times and in all places. He teaches that only one thing is worthy inspiring us the way to follow: The Word of God.

Have you ever fallen into the trap of premonitory dreams? Have you ever been the victim of broken promises you received in dreams? Has your ministry already paid for the dream that seemed really TRUE and that time has proved it was false and did not come from God?

When deception comes, it takes courage to admit it!

Though beautiful and accessible, the history-testimony of Bopda remains a warning to those who rely excessively on dreams. The Word of God remains the best guide to a successful human life. The Holy Scriptures clothe the man of faith, of assurance and of courage in all circumstances; dreams, in the long run, make the man confused, hesitant, and cowardly.


Illustrations: Méli Métino Cédric Gaël

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The short story is available in French under the title: Egarements

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