Assistance to Independents Authors

Assistance for the creation and the publication of your book in epub, Mobi, and PDF versions.

If you intend to publish and sell your book by yourself, we offer you to transform your .doc or .docx book into epub, Mobi, and PDF formats.

This service is for you if you sell your books by yourself on your website. If you sell it on Amazon, you just have to send them the .docx version and they will convert it for you into Mobi Kindle version.

If you want to sell it on Smashwords, you can send them the .doc version and they will convert it for you into epub format and more.

However, be aware that the .docx or doc versions to be sent to these sellers must follow some principles. You can reach those formatting guidelines at their websites. We are at your disposal if you are in a hurry or if you have difficulties in carrying out their instructions.

For the PDF version (with a functional table of contents), we can help you, in a very short time, to prepare your book and make it pleasant to read.

In each case, you will have to provide metadata and your book cover. If you have illustrations in your manuscript, we will help you to adjust them as well.

The costs for this service depend on the level of your layout and the volume of the book.

In case the book is well organized and clean, we offer 5000 FCFA or 7.63 Euros for 5000 words (for each of the three formats) ;

In case we have to read it and suggest an organization, the conversions will cost you 20000 FCFA or 30.50 Euros for 5000 words.

In any case, let us know your needs first so that we can do the quote for you.

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