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Collection in which the story is found:

Sensual Harassments is the fourth story of Spiritual Confusions, a Collection of five short stories printed at Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty.


Harassed by his sensual desires, Simon plans to openly question his sexuality when he is halted by the unsuspected inverted libido of his helper. What will he do?


Being single long after thirty begets curious questions like “Is my sexual life normally functioning?” “Am I normal?” “Am I destined to celibacy?” etc.

Simon is harassed in his flesh and his sensuality is a mystery to himself. As he wants to take advantage of a situation and bring his intimate life to open questioning, he is halted by an unsuspected secret of his friend and colleague. He discovers that he on whom he wanted to rely for advice is the hostage of a dramatic libido.

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What is the short story about?

Though living in the Internet age, sex is still a taboo in 2017 to many Christians.

Many Christian teachers will willingly ignore or overpass sex education lesson. Some pastors and doctors still keep their lips under check; careful on words, cautious on which words to use during sex teachings. They fear that an unchastised word might incite some unwelcomed sensual excitement. The word ‘sex’ meets obstacles in coming out of the Christian’s mouth, why?

Meanwhile, Jesus is the Owner of life! Which life expands through sexual union. Meanwhile, Jesus is life! And life is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse. Before sexual relation, man and woman will feel sensual envies! So why fear something that is so common and so ordinary? By this short story, we invite the reader to reflection.

Sensual Harassment intends to help the reader speak more freely about his sexual life. At least we want to help him share his intimate life with the Lord. We would like him learn that Jesus Christ has no shame about our sensual feelings. Saying nothing to the Lord about our pervert or abnormal desires will not solve the problem; to the contrary! Ask and you will receive, Jesus says.

At the end, we expect the reader will consent to open his intimate to God while in prayer. We want the reader learn to freely expose his sensual envies to God, just as he asks the daily bread, or asks for the forgiveness of his sins. We believe Jesus is also the Lord of our sensual life and sharing our intimate life with Him will certainly do us good and solve many of our sensual conflicts.


Illustrations: Méli Métino Cédric Gaël and Monthe Paul

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This book in other languages

The short story is available in French under the title: Provocations Sensuelles

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  • Link to the collection: Spiritual Embarrassments
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  • Link to the excerpt;
  • Link to the lessons taught in the short story;
  • Link to the citations


  • Copyrights 2016 Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty
  • P. O. Box: 3889 Douala, Cameroon
  • Mobiles: +237 651 282 007; +237 693 510 701

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