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Uncle Sammy Testifies of the Truth behind Yoga

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Why I Left Yoga is the third Story from Spiritual Embarrassments, a Collection of five short stories edited by Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty.


After a startling incident, Uncle Sammy starts questioning Yoga. Pretending to help him, his spirit guide steps forward but leads him astray. He is almost mad when God intervenes.


After Philip initiation to transcendental meditation has failed, Uncle Sammy starts digging after the truth behind yoga. As he begins his research, his spirit guide steps forward and offers his assistance. Instead of helping Uncle Sammy, we see an enamored spirit guide battling for keeping his dearest. The scenario unfolds between two worlds and ends abruptly. In the end, the question remains: Can a spirit guide lead his protégé in the truth?

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What is the story about?

Yoga is a practice from Asia that leads to self-accomplishment through the proper exploitation of sexual energy. The practitioner often begins by practicing physical exercises and extends his experience in more spiritual forms such as Tantric yoga and transcendental meditation; simple esoteric tradition rich in cultural experience or practical Hindu religion with painful and revolting consequences?

Yoga in its analysis reveals the marks of an ancestral cult exported from the East to the whole world. As a result, the European, the American and the African yogi, by engaging in yoga, trust the ancestors of the Hindus in contempt of their own ascendants. Unless those are better spiritual guides with better offerings of spiritual fulfillment!

In yoga, the crucial need is the accompaniment of the student by masters or by spiritual guides. And the troubling question with the spiritual guide is that of his identity. Who is he? Where is he from? How far can I trust him? Does the spiritual guide lead to the light of God? Does he really lead the apprentice towards spiritual elevation?

Why I Left Yoga is a story full of twists and turns that invites the reader to many questions. Although conceived to recreate, the short story contains truths which will not leave the reader indifferent, whether he practices yoga or not.

Does the Christian, guided by Master Jesus Christ still need yoga masters for his spiritual growth? The answer to this question is at hand since the startups of the short story.


Illustrations: Méli Métino Cédric Gaël and Monthe Paul

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