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Spiritual Embarrassments is a Collection of 5 Christian Short Stories, edited and published by Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty. Author: Achille Bérenger Doungméné.

EBook Cover:

book cover: Spiritual Embarrassments, Collection of Christian short stories

Why Spiritual Embarrassments?

To better understand our books, every reader should remember a fact: we defend sound doctrine. We preach the truth with the conviction that any departure from truth is a source of confusions, embarrassments, and hesitations. A man or a woman who hesitates in his way will be fearful and will act cowardly; hence, he or she will not flourish fully.

Really, the benefits of truth are uncountable; walking in the truth, that is walking with Jesus is worthy of all laudation. Whoever walks in total submission to the Scriptures will never be surprised; He will walk assured of his success. Whatever may happen, his house will stand because of his obeying the Scriptures. Whoever obeys the commands of Jesus builds with God and builds in God.

Spiritual Embarrassments demonstrates the greatness of the true disciple of Jesus Christ. Through short stories, the book invites the reader who wants to grow spiritually, to follow the steps of Jesus with disregards of what may stand against his progression.

What the stories of this Collection have in common:

The 5 stories in this collection have this in common: the heroes all have a thin knowledge only of the Word of God, and the world of darkness undertakes to maltreat and sap their confidence in Jesus.

  • Because Kalba and his parents have little knowledge of the Word of God; they are manipulated and severely annoyed by the spirits (2nd story).
  • Koffi, the hero of Ritual Baths Deceptions (4th story), has only memories of a joyful youth with Christ. Taking advantage of his estrangement from God, the occult world has plans of death for him. It is then that the childhood remembrances help and orient him under the shelter refuge of Christ.
  • Tada in Manhood Attacks (5th story) is strong at the beginning, but neglects the Word of God, becomes fragile and undergoes aggression by the moral harassment of his colleague and the spiritual harassment of the evil spirits. At the end, he gets away thanks to the vigilance of Elder Kuété.
  • In Wanderings (1st story), the hero who has received teachings about dreams is gradually distracted by dreams to the point he gives them full confidence, ceases to ensure that his visions conform to the Word. It is after a shameful humiliation that God comes to his rescue.
  • Finally, Uncle Sammy (3rd story) is a Christian who practices yoga without knowing that this practice disaccords with the Master Jesus Christ. When he undertakes to know the truth, his spirit-helper guides him into the arms of a false Christ. It is in this story that we see men and spirits altogether confused by the power of the Truth.

What this book teaches: the Christian is strong by his obedience to the Word of God

All the stories from this collection show how essential it is for the Christian to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God. Whoever knows the Word of God will come out of the wiles of the Invisible. He will overcome the traps from false prophets, from false teachers, and from false christs. He will be victorious just like Jesus Christ in the day of temptation in the wilderness.

We proclaim through every short story that he who keeps the commandments of Christ already lives in His glory. It is not enough to proclaim: “I now reign with Christ.” We will certainly do so if we obey His commands. By obeying His Word, no confusion will take place in our lives. (John, Chapters 14 to 17)

Covers and Summaries of the 5 short stories


Mr. Bopda doubts the ability of dreams to guide his life when he is encouraged by Pastor Johanson. Collisions and deceptions are numerous, but he is still persuaded that the guidance of dreams is worthy of interest. Before the truth triumphs over him, Mr. Bopda gropes his way and already shaves the walls.

Read the Presentation of Wanderings

Kalba, the Young Man Who Resists the Gods

After his father died, the young man Kalba is chosen to succeed his father as the main priest of the gods of Tsepia. He fights and resists the gods and their human agents with the help of his mother and brother who are not well acquainted with the tricks of the invisible world. Worse over, Kalba and his helpers have a thin knowledge only of the Lord Jesus. Will they emerge victoriously?

Read the Presentation of Kalba, the Young Man…

Why I left Yoga (Free Download)

After Philip initiation to transcendental meditation has failed, Uncle Sammy starts digging after the truth behind yoga. As he begins his research, his spirit guide steps forward and offers his assistance. Instead of helping Uncle Sammy, we see an enamored spirit guide battling for keeping his dearest. The scenario unfolds between two worlds and ends abruptly. In the end, the question remains: Can a spirit guide lead his protégé in the truth?

Read the Presentation of Why I Left Yoga

Ritual Baths Deceptions

Distressed because of his unrewarded struggles to get a job, Koffi looks for solutions. Washing away misfortune and purifying his aura seems the best way to success and each of his helpers will suggest one after another a bath ritual. From promises to disillusions, Koffi finds himself into witchcraft at the end and does not know where to find help. Will he survive at the end?

Read the Presentation of Ritual Baths Deceptions

Manhood Attacks

Tada is a devout Christian who during a moment of inattention undergoes moral and spiritual harassments. At the outset strong and confident in his ability to respond effectively to any spiritual aggression, Tada is on his knees at the end, offering a valuable lesson to the reader: unless he watches continually and prays, human being is weaker than he thinks.

Read the Presentation of Manhood Attacks

What if you want to read an excerpt from this collection

Why I Left Yoga, the third short story of this collection is available as a free reading on the author’s website. Moreover, the PDF of this 3rd story is downloadable free (if you want) at Gumroad.

What if you have already bought one or two of these stories individually?

Even if you have already bought one of the stories from the collection, we still advise you to buy the collection. We offer the collection at the price of 2 short stories. So, if you have already bought 2 stories separately, you still have a story free by buying the collection of five.

If you have not yet bought any of the five stories of the collection, we advise you to purchase the collection directly. In doing so, you buy 5 stories for the price of 2. This principle is valid for both digital and paper formats.

What is also important to know:  if you have purchased this collection in paper format, be aware that you are entitled to eBook format free of charge. Simply return to the order site with the references of your purchase of the paper book.


All the stories of the collection are illustrated.

  • Pictures of the eBooks are color; (eBooks are: PDF, epub mobi Kindle formats).
  • Pictures of the Printed Version are Black and White.

Illustrators: Méli Métino Cédric Gaël and Monthe Paul

Available Versions:

  • Digital Versions: epub, mobi, PDF, irf, pdb, text
  • Printed Version

Where to read, buy or download this book?

At Amazon:

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At Gumroad:

  • PDF Version is available. Click on the title: Spiritual-Embarrassments-PDF (available soon)

This book in other languages

The short story is available in French under the title: Embrouilles Spirituelles

For more information

(Links are added whenever they are available)

  • The author website
  • Link to the pictures of the short story
  • Link to the excerpt (Why I left Yoga – full story for free)
  • Link to the lessons taught in the short story
  • Link to the citations


  • Copyrights 2017 Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty
  • P.O. Box: 3889 Douala, Cameroon
  • Mobiles: +237 651 282 007; +237 693 510 701

Updated: 08/08/2017


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