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Ancestors Discharged.

Collection from which the story is taken:

Pervert Spirits is the first story of Spiritual Confusions, Collection of Christian short stories printed at Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty. The illustrated version of Spiritual Confusions is to be available by August 1st, 2017.


Kemegni is hassled; tortured and confused by the ancestral spirits to the extent he doubts the pert of his faith in Christ Jesus. He has almost given up when God opens his eyes. The truth was clear and within reach; why didn’t he see it from the beginning?

EBook cover:

book cover: Pervert Spirits, a Christian short story

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What is this book about?

Throughout the world, Ancestral Worship is met in different forms from one culture to the other. This tradition in most lieu teaches that the deceased parents are still present, but invisible beside the family, working for the spiritual, the social, the economic and the emotional prosperity of the descendants.

Moreover, it is accepted that ancestors, through visionaries and through dreams will pass messages to the offspring. They may ask for sacrifices of goats (their food); they may ask for funerals (in West Cameroon for example); they may give instructions on how to protect children spiritually, and they may give their view on an important decision that is to be made for the good of the family.

Therefore, a seer will tell you without shame: “Your father forbids your travel to China;” or “Your father is discontent with the fiancé you have chosen;” or “Your mother is angry at your neglecting her crane that is still under rain with nobody to care about;” etc.

What to think of this? What about this tradition? Who is behind such revelations, and demands, and expenses? Are the men, who blindly receive and execute the demands from ancestors, practicing a subtle form of idolatry or are they really satisfying their deceased parents? The story of Kemegni is about to shake your position.

Perseverant as a Christian, Kemegni, is drenched in confusions with no biblical verse to help him advance; nobody to give him suitable advice; nobody to guide him take a right and proper decision. He steps out to ask the pardon from his ancestors’ victims; those victims are actually raped in their dreams by the spirits of his deceased forefathers. Confuse and lost, he meets anxious events before God rescues him.

Pervert Spirits teaches that no human being can overcome crude hardship by his own strength, but by the grace of God only. Stone-like challenges will come, even when they are less expected; they will come full with confusions and distress, but the faithful Christian will always triumph.


Illustrations: Méli Métino Cédric Gaël

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This book in other languages

The short story is available in French under the title: Les Esprits Pervers

For more information

  • Link to the collection: Spiritual Embarrassments
  • Link to the pictures of the short story
  • Link to the excerpt (author site)
  • Link to the lessons taught in the short story
  • Link to the citations


  • Copyrights 2017 Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty
  • P.O. Box: 3889 Douala, Cameroon
  • Mobiles: +237 651 282 007; +237 693 510 701

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