Phallus Disputes (Excerpt)


Tada is a dedicated Christian who during a moment of inattention undergoes moral and spiritual harassments. At the outset strong and confident in his ability to respond effectively to any spiritual aggression, Tada is on his knees at the end, offering a valuable lesson to the reader: unless he watches continually and prays, human being is weaker than he thinks.

The Story

“Brother Tada, with all these beautiful girls around you, you cannot decide… you must be demanding!”

“Do not worry about me Sista,” I replied, “once the day of the Lord comes, everything will be easy. I trust God that He is in control.”

“Ah! You know, with the job you have, with the zeal you have for the Lord, sisters expect you to make your choice!” Sista Eddie said.

“To this point! I think you are exaggerating a little. We are in 2014 and girls express themselves more freely.”

“Yes, but the sisters in Christ are reserved, Christian modesty… they won’t risk be treated as carnal; you say it! If you had made your choice, things would be much easier. And… and my daughter who is now mature enough…”

“It is true that your daughter is haunting my thoughts these days, but she’s still a child!”

“Sorry! She is already 20 years old. So open your eyes!” she said.

The memory of the morning conversation with Sista Eddie kept me pensive for hours. It’s true that my loneliness was becoming cumbersome and difficult to manage. It was late and sleeplessness was playing extra-time.

“Two weeks I meet dead parents in my dreams. We eat, we drink, and we laugh together. Oh God! Last night, grandfather asked me to get married as soon as possible… What if the encounter of this morning was in the order of things, how to know?” As I was cogitating on my dream adventures, I fell asleep.

Once again, I met the same people in the dreams. This time, I saw myself as a little boy of tenGrandfather was there with my uncle and with the neighbors of the village that I knew during their living. I was taking care of them: obedient, dedicated and fully consenting. My God!

On Monday morning, I prepared my bike and took it out of the garage. I wanted to start it when I was stopped by Sista Eddie; she was alarmed.

“I have had a serious dream about you this morning. I must share it with you!”

Hello! Sista!”

“Excuse me; I am fine. Forgive me; I am just exceeded,” she said making a kind of reverence (body straight, slightly bending right knee).

“If it’s only a dream, it’s not a problem,” I replied, “the Word of God is my main weapon. I have just prayed for the day and-”

“Sorry brother Tada,” she broke in, “this was serious. You know that God also speaks through dreams and I’m a woman who knows these things.”

“If you are not too long; go on quickly.”

“You have enemies who have vowed to ruin you. They were in a meeting and were investigating strategies to destroy you. All have sworn on a fetish to humble you.”

“Is that all?”

“It was serious brother; be careful!”

sista eddie warns tada

“Many thanks for the information,” I said. “The Lord is faithful and will protect me; remember Psalm 91 and Isaiah 54. God always defends his brethren. Be blessed; send my greetings to children and to your husband please.”

“Be careful brother; May God keep you,” she said before separation.

“Amen,” I answered while opening the contact of the motorcycle.

I arrived at the service before 7.30. I took advantage to classify documents on my desktop and in the office shelves.

Hardly had I finished checking the emails that I began to feel pain in my intimates. After about thirty minutes suffering, I discreetly gave my privates a cold bath which produced a short respite, then pain resumed even more intensely.

Just after ten o’clock I took excuse from the colleague and ran to emergencies. The Protestant Hospital was not far away and the doctor received me immediately. The consultation indicated nothing specific. The doctor injected me painkillers and prescribed tablets. He advised me to remain vigilant and seize him in case of persisting pain. Before 11.30 my visit was over and I returned to the service where I spent the day in peace.

The following day was Tuesday. Almost at the same time, I felt that same pain, acute and embarrassing. The colleague, surprising my hand playing soothing pressure, intervened:

“Mr. Tada, there are people who monitor your life; they are claiming things from you and will soon let you know,” he said.

“Who are ‘they’?” I asked. “God is with me and nobody has anything in my possession to claim.”

“You know, I am a traditional healer and I passed my initiation last year,” my colleague declared.

“You surprise and confuse me!” I replied. “An erudite of your standing; what more do you deal with these ancestral practices?”

“What do you think? That the West will alienate me from my traditions? You alone will continue to grope in your blindness,” he retorted.

“Jesus is Almighty and is not the property of the West. Jesus makes no difference of race or tribe. He helps all who invoke him for whatever problem they may have.”

“I know they call you ‘brother Tada,’ yes my brother, tell me how you’re going to escape what you are requested. If you had asked me, I would have told you what is to happen in two weeks. Now, see that you have started suffering. Be sure of one thing: these people are not altar boys.” 

“But who are: ‘those people?’ You play with my feelings? You also cast spells like marabous, don’t you?”

“Anyway, what does it even serve you? If you were married, you would know what he feels; he whose manhood is threatened.”

“So you have already drawn conclusions!” I protested. “I have some pain and it will pass. The doctor has told me to call back if needed.” 

“That is your blindness. You Christians cling to Western medicine. Who tells you they are better than us?”

“They have science at their service. They are well equipped and can do biopsies, radios, scanners and so on. As for you? Your base is assumptions. You know how to make assumptions.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! How nice is it to talk with the blind. In few days you will come and beg me to advise you. Go and see modern doctors. Each doctor has his own way!”

It was few minutes after Midday when I returned to the doctor. This time I had to wait for minutes. Palpation of the testicles produced no additional pain, but I was feeling discomforted. He wrote me some tests and I did them immediately. The scan revealed no physiological abnormalities.

tada and his doctor

The doctor changed analgesics. When he knew I was a Christian, he advised me to add prayer. “Medicine cannot solve everything and we are daily confronted with inexplicable cases,” he said.

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