Why I Left Yoga: Uncle Sammy Testifies of the Truth behind Yoga (Excerpt)

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof [are] the ways of death.” Proverbs 14.12


After Philip initiation to transcendental meditation has failed, Uncle Sammy starts digging after the truth behind yoga. As he begins his research, his spirit guide steps forward and offers his assistance. Instead of helping Uncle Sammy, we see an enamored spirit guide battling for keeping his dearest. The scenario unfolds between two worlds and ends abruptly. In the end, the question remains: Can a spirit guide lead his protégé in the truth?

The Story

I had been looking forward to this Sunday with great excitement. The initiation was planned for 6.30 P.M. For this event, the Center had received a large toilet. The hall was decorated with flowers and new mats were spread out on the floor, which gave an impressive look to the room. Uncle Sammy, our teacher was that day the assistant of Guru Maheshi who had come mainly for the event.

Initiations began as planned. Then came my turn, it was about 7.30 P.M. I was called outside. Master Maheshi was seated on a large mat, a little apart. Few bulb rays could reach his position. He was seated cross-legged and Uncle Sammy indicated me to sit likewise in front of him. Seized with doubts, I prayed inside, “Lord Jesus, I do not have much confidence in this man, I give myself to you. I hope he is here for doing good.”

The Guru joined his hands and bowed; I did the same. He pointed his right index finger on my forehead and began to recite some words in a strange language; was he whispering the Hindi, I don’t know.

The guru initiates Philip
The guru initiates Philip

After about three minutes, he started shaking. His fat and naked torso sweated intensely and I looked at him questioningly. Instead of telling me my new name as it was expected, he started crying out: “A bah! A bah! A bah! …” While uttering those words he kept oscillating his head, right-left, left-right as if to say: “No-no” or “I do not understand” or “I do not want it.” Suddenly, he took off his hand and began voicing violent words, like curses; meanwhile, he was retreating backward as if frightened by something. In doing so, he found himself off the mat before recovering.

Uncle Sammy who was watching clasped his hands, bowed his head, held me by the hand, helped me up and brought me back to the inside.

The next candidate went out, but returned immediately with Uncle Sammy who informed:

“The initiations are suspended for tonight; the Guru apologizes and asks you to be ready for the next Sunday.”

“What about those who have been fasting along the week, they do what?”  a young man in the attendance asked.

“Earlier his schedule was very busy and he was to leave tomorrow. Philip tell us, he uttered strange cries with you; tell us what-”

“The master has problems and he wants to see clear. Masters surpass each other!” another attendant said.

The second speaker intervened anew saying:

“Which masters to be compared? There is nothing to equate here. Jesus is above level and Philip is definitely wrong.”

The first critic came back, unhappy:

“I think the Hindu Guru is not to be blamed, but Philip; if he loves Jesus that much, why not stay in the Church! What do we do now?”

Mr. Bita closed the interventions saying:

“Shame to you Philip, what are you still looking for in this place?

“We are called Christians, but by name only. We do yoga because we lack courage and patience to follow Jesus. As for you, you behave like a true Christian; I wonder what you are seeking here.  Jesus is the True Master and everyone accepts it!”

“Jesus is the True Master and everyone accepts it.” This remark troubled me. I had practiced Hatha Yoga assiduously for nearly six months and nobody had told me anything of its cultic character. I had done it secretly and had sought no one advice. Did I need any? Before I started, I read posters showing the benefits of yoga in the acquisition of self-control, in the management of inner fears and I launched myself without cumbersome precautions. What I wanted to do, I invested for it. Thanks to God! Master Maheshi brought me back to good sense.

The same evening I went to the leader of the Students Bible Group on the Campus. There the Leader plainly exposed to me the contradictions between the doctrine of the reincarnation (the Karma) and Eternal Life as graciously offered by Jesus Christ. Then he expatiated on the superiority of the Holy Spirit above the suspicious spirit guide to whom Guru Maheshi was to tie me to. The truth outraged me.

Noticing my disappointment, Uncle Jo, the Leader of the Students Bible Group (SBG) lent me a brochure titled: The Master Jesus Christ and the Masters of Yoga. I read it all night. Early on Monday, I ran make photocopies and offered Uncle Sammy a copy.

(Uncle Sammy is speaking)

I took two days fasting and asked God to show me who was right. The initiation of Philip had disturbed me. The attitude of Guru Maheshi was the most disappointing. I was expecting to see a man in complete control of the circumstances but was belied by his failure in initiating Philip. I had to reconsider, and quickly reassess my commitment as a yoga teacher; I had to weight my future plans in esotericism.

I read and read many times the brochure Philip had given me. In order to appraise the critics therein, I bought a Bible two days after and forced myself to read the Holy Words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. My shock was great. However, I didn’t give up; I was in my tenth year of regular practice. I was no longer a sophomore to easily renounce upon a commitment that had already cost me time and investments. Especially since my visit to India was in preparation.

I resolved to share my new discovery with the Tantric Yoga coach of Ngoaki. I met him in the same week on Wednesday evening. He received me warmly, clasping his hands and bowing as we used to greet among yogis. I told him of the abortive initiation of Sunday at Assib Center.  He replied naturally:

“And then it happens! It may be that the Guru fit no level! What do you want? Incompetents are found in all business!”

“He is an Elder; he is a wise man! How can you speak so carelessly?” I reproached.

“Old age doesn’t mean wisdom,” he retorted, “old age doesn’t mean competence either; he might still have a lot to learn!”

“But he’s the same Guru Maheshi leading the initiations for five years now!” I insisted.

“So what?” my colleague retorted. “If he sleeps on his past achievements, too bad for him! Whoever doesn’t advance moves backwards.”

The reactivity of my colleague broke my impetus. For a moment, I had to review my readings of the two days. I asked him then:

“Do you know that Jesus Christ freely gives Eternal Life to those who follow his doctrine?”

“Where is the problem?” he asked. “Those who want to follow Jesus go to Church; those who want to follow Buddha come to the club, what’s your problem?”

“My problem? I have just realized that the doctrine of Jesus Christ is contradictory to that of Buddha and that many of the things we teach are opposite to Jesus teachings,” I replied.

“For example?” he asked.

“The salvation of Christ is free and completely free to those who come to Him. As for us, we must work hard, we must exercise! Raise the sexual energy from chakra to chakra, go through initiations, bear the teachings from unknown spirits guides supposed to lead us to cosmic fusion, which is only possible to the one who has succeeded in freeing himself from the wheel of reincarnations … oscillating head in a protest movement, we seem slaves compared to those who follow Jesus Christ!”

“You’re pitiful,” he replied. “Apparently you do not know what you want. You want it both ways and that’s your problem. Everything you say, we know it well and I am surprised you come here and debit such findings.”

“So you know that the doctrine of reincarnation is false?” I asked.

“And what? If you want Everlasting Life free of exercises with Christ Jesus, why don’t you join a Living Church on Sundays? Leave me alone! As I said, you can’t do esoteric science along with Jesus-Christ; except you are crazy or stupid,” he replied.

“I can’t follow you; explain yourself please!”

“You dare ask me to explain? You come with discoveries and I am to explain; Good God! Go away before I get angry.”

End of the Excerpt

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