Startling Confessions of Georges, a Repenting False Prophet (Excerpt)

The Lord is compassionate and gracious; slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities[1].


Obstacles, barriers and mountains rise when Georges William, false prophet, starts repenting. Oppositions appear from his horrific past; many and outstanding. Will he repent finally?

The Story

“Killer! Criminal! You have no shame! Fake pastor, aren’t you!” Aisha said.

“Yes, and I am going to kill you! I’ll see where you go talk!” Georges growled.

“Kill me then! What are you waiting for? Useless coward! Son of the Devil! Kill me now!” Aisha said, challenging the man.

“Ho! Ho! Don’t holdup your provocations! Very soon, you will know who I am. Little more patience and I will teach you what wickedness means,” Georges replied.

“Ha!-Ha!-Ha! Talk-talk, that’s what you know. Low and gutless man!” Aisha said.

“Okay! Naughty girl! I don’t know why I still keep you with me,” Georges said. “A man of God like me must not be put with a girl of your species.”

“Ah! Ah! Look at him! God of Heaven and Earth!” she exclaimed. “Who the man of God? You? Nonsense!”

Georges’s concubine was outraged. It was common to hear quarrels from their home in mornings. This time, the verbal violence of Aisha was extreme. She continued:

“Those who follow you do not know you. You are a demon. Touch me if you’re a man. I will expose you. Go ahead and hit me. Your beguiled fans will suddenly know what devilish practices support Prophet – Man of God Georges William. Stupid man!”

“You are a madwoman and you don’t even know what you say. That’s how you women are: wicked and nagging,” Georges said, trying to thwart the haughtiness of his concubine.

“Oh! I see! Aisha is wicked, madwoman; okay! You have made me your prisoner and you practice your witchcraft with my body all nights and I’m the foolish and the wicked. Don’t worry anymore; God himself will take charge of you.”

“I took you down the street and look at you after just two years. You are lacking nothing and you make critics. I am going to do you. You lose nothing to wait!” Georges threatened.

“To your pastor I’ll tell everything,” Aisha replied. “If then my hair suffers, all will know who has killed me. Serial killer! You’re murdering me every single night; I don’t fear you, man animal,” Aisha said scornfully.

“Why don’t you go away since you have realized that I am an animal? Who holds you? Collect all your belongings and go away!”

“Pay me what you owe me. Give me my money and I’m leaving now. Crook! Crooked man! Rubbish!”

“Stop insulting me,” Georges warned.

“Insulting what? Who insults you? Aren’t you crooked and dishonest? Look at him! ‘Stop insulting me.’ Ugly rubbish!” Aisha scoffed at the man.

“I am a beautiful man and you do know it. Because I’m handsome, girls are always competing for me,” Georges said.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Hey! What else? Man of God!” Aisha screamed before recovering. “The beauty of a man is his heart and it is for women to brag for the outside. Your heart is black, dark, sick and corrupted. Your mask deceives everyone,” Aisha said contemptuously. “You make victims ONLY wherever you go; false prophet.”

Shortly after their quarrel, Georges knocked on my door. It was Saturday and I was doing fitness.

“Hello Musa!”

“Hi neighbor!” I replied. “There’s heat in your home this morning,” I observed.

“I am fed up with this life,” Georges said. “Look at me; since two months I have lost weight and I’m constantly tired.”

“Not surprising! You trade with demons and you devote them your best hours of the night. What should you expect?”

“But others are succeeding in doing so! Why not me?” Georges asked. “You know, there are many ministers who do what I do and it works for their good; I can’t just discern what is going wrong in my case!”

“The truth is that you’re lying to yourself; nobody can deceive God. I have seen people of your kind plummet overnight. Be careful!”

“I have more fears now than before. And each time the pastor asks me to lay hands on the sick, I feel trembles within me.”

“Oh! Yes! So… feel free to pretend! But let me tell you something. Pastor Brian will not thank you when you’re down. If you continue to despise the truth, know that you are building up on the empty,” I warned.

“For more than twice, I have wanted to stop; but he wouldn’t listen,” Georges replied.

“You have to choose; or you serve God or you serve man.” Jesus clearly says: ‘He who seeks his own glory cannot please God; there’s no other principle on this issue.”

“What can I do? My life is spoiled on all sides and I actually admire your freedom. You are free; you go to work; you serve in the church choir; your life is truly simple and nice. Mine displeases me to the highest point; I can’t just bear it any longer.”

“Who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind. Be informed that the spirits that visit you hate you copiously and sooner or later they will harm you. Don’t disregard what Christ says about them: ‘The devil comes only to steal and kill and destroy.’ He can’t do anything else. Repent and forsake evil while there is still time,” I advised.

“Truly, I sense wretchedness threatening me. At the beginning, the spirits did not exceed half an hour. Now they make almost three hours before they go and worse, their demands are changing,” Georges said.

“According to the Scriptures, there will be healings and miracles in the name of Jesus. I can’t just understand why you seek help from the damned spirits to assist you use of the name of Jesus. You needed not make yourself a slave of those thieves!”

“The truth is that I don’t have faith,” Georges replied. “What you say is true; but in my case, I do not have faith, and I know I don’t. I wonder if the Lord can forgive me. My fears are permanently harassing me and to worsen my sorrows, these spirits have greatly increased my debts. I can’t bear life anymore.”

“You must therefore sum up. I have a wedding ceremony and I should get ready. Let’s continue in the evening or tomorrow if you like.”

Once out of my home, Georges returned back to his flat.

I had settled down in the building since five months only. My friendship with Georges begins the same day of my arrangement. That day, he helped take up my luggage to the first floor where he himself had his apartment.

During the first week, he asked to know if I had got wind of his popularity; he wanted to know if I was aware of the miracles he was performing in the city. Astonished, I told him of my ignorance of his fame and works.

After that, Georges was in my home two or three times a week, but I could not enter his own for whatever reason. When I needed him, we contented ourselves with the corridor or I let him in, into my lounge.

We usually talked about the Word of God and he used to ask so many questions that I had difficulty in considering that he was the great man of God he claimed to be. Normally, Men of God teach and instruct believers. But here, the opposite was observed. Whenever he enjoyed a Bible text, he would insist that I also read it and express him my understanding. Having attended seminars on the interpretation of the Word of God, I used to satisfy him easily.

Back to his home then, Georges read the epistle of Paul to Romans, Chapter 13, which disturbed him for hours.

“The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy. Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” (Verses 12-14)

He thought the text all day and later said: ‘It was as if the text was prepared for me.’ Later on Saturday afternoon, moved by the desire to manage the exhortation of the Scriptures, Georges went down for a promenade at Hirimadio. There he fell on a preacher who was evangelizing passers-by in front of the Stadium of 26th March.

A Pastor talk with Georges
A pastor talk with Georges

Having started listening, he felt the address was directed to him. Touched by the preaching of the evangelist, he sat on a bench, lowered his head and began to consider his life. Tears flowed abundantly and he could not contain himself.

After the pastor had stop preaching and had finished praying for the sick, he approached Georges with great interest; he sat on the same bench and opened a conversation:

“You are crying sir!” the pastor observed.

“Excuse me pastor,” Georges answered, “I can’t believe that the Lord is willing to forgive the troubles I’ve caused to people. I have done so much harm and I do not even know if these girls will forgive me. I do not deserve forgiveness,” he said.

“Do you think your tears solve the case?” the pastor asked.

“I have done too much harm to people in the name of Christ and I can’t pick up the pieces. My sins are many. I am the embodiment of evil and your sermon has opened my eyes. I’m afraid they deny forgiving me,” Georges said.

“What do you do to be so frightened? What have you done to girls; what have you done to the name of Christ?” the pastor asked.

“Too much wickedness sir,” Georges answered. “If only I could go back and do the cleaning!”

[1] Psalm 103.8-10

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